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Fence Repair to Make Your Home Whole Again

Having a fence is the finishing touch to any home! You have to agree – without a boundary, it feels sort of like you’ve put on your favorite dress but forgot that gorgeous scarf that finishes off the look. And if the beautiful fencing is broken or damaged, the allure isn’t the same. Here in Dripping Springs, TX, our company, Lariat Fence and Construction, has made it its mission to offer one of the most reliable fence repair services in the area. We get how important it is to have a fence that’s whole and pretty – it just adds that extra something to your home. Don’t let that little break on the side get even worse or leave the wood to deteriorate any further.

Trust In Us!

Since 2000, Lariat Fence and Construction has been at the service of anyone living in Dripping Springs, TX, wanting their fence to look brand new and beautiful. Our fence repair services have enabled residents to spruce up their homes, and they are proud to sit and gaze upon their fence, knowing that it’s so aesthetically pleasing that it would catch the eye even of the most critical neighbor on the block. Imagine that you have just put in some gorgeous flowers all over the yard, and a few days ago, you mowed down that grass to perfection, but the white picket fence that stands next to all that beauty, is broken and chipped – not even all that white anymore. You can’t have that! Have us repair it, put in a fresh coat of paint, and have it be the finishing touch to a magnificent ensemble!

Some Prefer Custom Work

Sometimes, a custom gate creation is what your home needs. If you have an idea in your mind and want it to become a reality, hire our company, and we can make it happen. We will create that modernized, stunning gate – a divider between the beauty of your yard and the dullness of the outside world!

Call today at (512) 844-2255 and get a fence repair service that will leave your yard just a bit more dazzling than it already was!

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