What Are the Different Types of Lumber a Fence Expert Works With?

When you are thinking of constructing a wooden fence, you or your contractor will have to purchase enough lumber to finish the job. There are, however, numerous different kinds of lumber available that range in composition and size. Most fences are for the outdoors, that means the lumber which will be used, has to be highly resistant against water and sunlight damage, in addition to insect infestations. Hardwood is generally the best lumber for exterior fences, as is lumber which is already naturally resistant, like teak and cedar, however, these 2 are the most expensive of all lumber options.

Softwood is also available, and is much cheaper, although it will need to be chemically treated. Hardwood is more resistant against moisture damage than their counterparts softwood. Mahogany or oak, for instance, are extremely durable, in addition to being very attractive. These woods are also expensive, and in some cases, hardwood fence lumber is not often a feasible choice. Cedar also can be fairly expensive, although not as expensive as other similar hardwood.

Local Fence Builder in Dripping Springs, TXThe biggest drawback with cedar is it has a tendency to fade once it has been exposed continuously to sunlight, but, many people like this about cedar. A cedar fence is a fairly popular option, due to its aesthetic and durability properties. Composite fencing is quite a new choice, this combines wood and synthetic materials, which enhance the wood’s resistance against water damage and insect infestation.

This wood can sometimes be made using recycled materials too, which means it is more eco-friendly. Whilst most products are said to be stronger and more durable than lumber, you will need to do your own research, in order to find materials which are durable and stronger. Some composite materials end up just as susceptible to water damage, as other softwood lumber.

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