While you are waiting for the professionals to arrive, there are various things that you can do to temporarily repair the hole in your fence.

Staple or nail a piece of cardboard over the gap. It’s important to know you should only do this if you are not expecting rain or you have nothing else available. This material is the least durable fence repair choice; however, it will close your yard for a short time.

Waterproof cowl board
Place this over the gap in your fence the same as you would the cardboard. This board resembles cardboard; however, it withstands better against water. It is generally used to create auto door panels, and if you do not have any at hand, you can obtain it from upholstery shops which work on car interiors.

Chicken wire
If you decide to use chicken wire, try not to leave sharp edges sticking out. You can do that by using pliers to cut the edges off before attaching it to your fence. You need to use staples to attach this.

Stay with screws if you decide to use plywood to patch up your fence. Plywood is denser than the other materials mentioned above.